Administering IBM Lotus Sametime 8.5 Exam,C2040-988 Test Questions – Administering IBM Lotus Sametime 8.5

C2040-988 Exam Info

  • Exam Code: C2040-988
  • Exam Title: Administering IBM Lotus Sametime 8.5
  • Vendor: IBM
  • Exam Questions: 70

As the Sametime administrator, you have created a new Sametime policy for users in the
Development group on their home Sametime server. The policy only allows them to transfer files under 4MB in size. When will this new setting be enforced?

  • A. After the Buddylist service is restarted
  • B. After anyone in the development group logs out and back intoSametime
  • C. After the Policy service is restarted or after a configurable timeout
  • D. The first time anyone in the development group attempts to transfer a file over 4MB

Answer : C

Nancy is running the IBM Installation Manager in order to install the Sametime System
Console and it isasking her to enter a username and password for WebSphere Application
Server. Which of the following statements is true regarding this step?

  • A. The username is case sensitive
  • B. This user must be a valid LDAP user
  • C. This user must be a valid Domino User
  • D. This user must not exist in the LDAP Directory

Answer : D

Gerco, a Sametime user, has the server listed as the home Community server in his Sametime Connect client. His person document in the LDAP directory states his home SametimeCommunity server is When Gerco connects to, which of the following will occur next?

  • A. Gerco is denied access from logging into and the connection dropped
  • B. Gerco logs successfully into and his buddylist is copied over
  • C. Gerco first connects to but is redirected to the server listed in his LDAP entry to log in
  • D. Gerco\’s LDAP entry is modified to list his new home Sametime server as and he continues to log in successfully

Answer : C

You are using the System Console to connect to the Meeting server database. Which piece of information is NOTrequired to connect to the database?

  • A. port
  • B. host name
  • C. database name
  • D. database password

Answer : D

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