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70-734 Exam Info

  • Exam Code: 70-734
  • Exam Title: OEM Preinstallation for Windows 10
  • Vendor: Microsoft
  • Exam Questions: 50

You create a custom installation of Windows that contains several XML files.
You deploy a test computer by using the custom Windows installation and notice that some of the installation options are missing.
Which XML file should you inspect to identify all of the missing installation options? To answer, select the appropriate option from each list in the answer area.

Answer :

You prepare and sell a computer that has Windows pre-installed.
The end user reports that Windows is damaged and that he plans to reinstall Windows.
You need to recommend the method that the end user use to reinstall Windows.
What two methods should you recommend?

  • A. Reinstall by using Push Button Reset (PBR).
  • B. Reinstall by using an image from a DVD created by the System Builder.
  • C. Reinstall by using a recovery DVD created by the System Builder.
  • D. Return the computer to the System Builder for repair and then request that the computer is reimaged.

Answer : A,D

System Builders cannot create their own recovery or image DVDs; they can only supply
DVDs created by Microsoft.

You need to prepare a hard disk for a Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (EUFI)-based computer.
Which three actions should you perform? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution.)

  • A. Format the Windows partition by using NTFS.
  • B. Format the Windows partition by using FAT32.
  • C. Create an EFI partition.
  • D. Convert the hard disk to a GPT disk.
  • E. Mark the system partition as active.

Answer : C,D,E

You have a computer that has Windows installed.
You start Windows on the computer for the first time.
You need to verify that Push Button Reset (PBR) is configured in the Windows installation.
Which tool should you use?

  • A. Scanstate.exe
  • B. bcdboot.exe
  • C. Dism.exe
  • D. Reagentc.exe

Answer : D

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