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Question 1:

How can a Citrix Administrator configure a rewrite policy to change the version of HTTP from 1.1 to 1.0 in every request?

A. >add rewrite action RW_ACT replace http.res.version “\”HTTPS/1.0\”” > add rewrite policy RW_POL true RW_ACT

B. >add rewrite action RW_ACT replace http.req.version “\”HTTPS/1.1\”” > add rewrite policy RW_POL true RW_ACT

C. >add rewrite action RW_ACT replace http.res.version “\”HTTPS/1.1\”” > add rewrite policy RW_POL true RW_ACT

D. >add rewrite action RW_ACT replace http.req.version “\”HTTPS/1.0\”” > add rewrite policy RW_POL true RW_ACT

Correct Answer: B

Question 2:

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to configure a Responder policy, so that the string “/mytraining” is added to every URL path received.

The administrator should use these commands to accomplish this:

>add responder action Redirect_Act redirect “HTTP.REQ.URL.PATH_AND_QUERY \”mytraining\”” –

responseStatusCode 302

>add responder policy Redirect_Pol___________Redirect_Act

>bind lb vServer lb_vsrv_www –policyName Redirect_Pol –priority 100 –gotoPriorityExpression END –


(Choose the correct option to complete the set of commands.)



C. “!(HTTP.REQ.URL.ENDSWITH(\”mytraining\”))” REQUEST

D. “!(HTTP.REQ.URL.ENDSWITH(\”mytraining\”))” RESPONSE

Correct Answer: B

Question 3:

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator configured an authentication, authorization, and auditing (AAA) policy to allow users access through the Citrix ADC. The administrator bound the policy to a specific vServer.

Which policy expression will allow all users access through the vServer?

A. true

B. false

C. ns_true

D. ns_false

Correct Answer: A

Reference: https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-adc/current-release/aaa-tm/entities-of-authenticationauthorization-auditing/authentication-policies.html

Question 4:

Which two steps are necessary to configure global server load balancing (GSLB) service selection using content switching (CS)? (Choose two.)

A. Bind the domain to the CS vServer instead of the GSLB vServer.

B. Configure CS policies that designate a load-balancing vServer as the target vServer.

C. Configure a CS vServer of target type GSLB.

D. Bind the GSLB domain to the GSLB vServer.

Correct Answer: BC

Reference: https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-adc/current-release/global-server-load-balancing/how-to/ configure-gslb-content-switch.html

Question 5:

Which two policies can a Citrix Administrator configure using only the advanced policy expression? (Choose two.)


B. Integrated caching


D. System

Correct Answer: AB

Reference: https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-adc/current-release/appexpert/policies-and-expressions/ introduction-to-policies-and-exp/classic-and-advanced-policy.html

Question 6:

A Citrix Administrator needs to configure a Citrix ADC high availability (HA) pair with each Citrix ADC in a different subnet.

What does the administrator need to do for HA to work in different subnets?

A. Configure SyncVlan

B. Turn on fail-safe mode.

C. Turn on HA monitoring on all interfaces

D. Turn on Independent Network Configuration (INC) mode.

Correct Answer: D

Reference: https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-adc/current-release/system/high-availability-introduction/ configuring-high-availability-nodes-different-subnets.html

Question 7:

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator configured Citrix ADC load balancing to send requests to one of three identical backend servers. Each server handles multiple protocols, and load balancing is set up in round-robin mode. The current load- balancing setup on the Citrix ADC is:

One load-balancing vServer with one externally accessible VIP One service created for each protocol type One server entity for each backend resource

During business hours, the administrator wants to make changes to one backend server without affecting the other servers.

What is the most efficient way for the administrator to ensure that all traffic is routed away from the server without impeding responses from other resources?

A. Disable the backend service entity targeted for change.

B. Disable the backend server entity targeted for change.

C. Disable the load-balancing vServer.

D. Unbind the correct server entity from the load-balancing vServer.

Correct Answer: C

Question 8:

A Citrix Administrator configured an external syslog server but is NOT seeing detailed TCP information?

What could be causing this?

A. Log facility is NOT configured.

B. TCP logging is NOT enabled.

C. User-defined audit log is NOT configured.

D. Log level is NOT enabled.

Correct Answer: D

Question 9:

A Citrix Administrator is creating a new SSL vServer and notices the ns_default_ssl_profile frontend SSL profile is automatically bound to the SSL vServer.

Which two actions can the administrator perform to change or remove the ns_default_ssl_profile_frontend SSL profile once it is enabled? (Choose two.)

A. Globally unbind the ns_default_ssl_profile_frontend SSL.

B. Unbind the default SSL profile and bind the newly created SSL profile.

C. Create a separate SSL profile.

D. Unbind the ns_default_ssl_profile_frontend SSL profile from the SSL vServer without binding a replacement SSL profile.

E. Globally disable the ns_default_ssl_profile_frontend SSL profile.

Correct Answer: BE

Question 10:

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator configured a global server load balancing (GSLB) setup for internal and external users using the same host name. For internal users, cvad.citrite.net should go to the Citrix StoreFront site; for external users, it should connect to the Citrix ADC Gateway VPN site.

Which feature should the administrator configure to accomplish this?

A. DNS Preferred Location

B. DNS Record

C. DNS View

D. DNS Proxy

Correct Answer: C

Reference: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX130163

Question 11:

What is the effect of the “set cs vServer-CS-1 璻edirectURL http://www.newdomain.com/mysite/” command?

A. If the vServer-CS-1 encounters a high connection rate, then users will be redirected to http:// www.newdomain.com/mysite/.

B. If the status of vServer-CS-1 is DOWN, then users will be redirected to http://www.newdomain .com/ mysite/.

C. All the requests to vServer-CS-1 will be redirected to http://www.newdomain.com/mysite/.

D. All the requests without URL path/mysite/ will be redirected to http://www.newdomain.com/mysite/.

Correct Answer: B

Question 12:

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is managing a Citrix Gateway with a standard Platform license and remote employees in the environment. The administrator wants to increase access by 3,000 users through the Citrix Gateway using VPN access.

Which license should the administrator recommend purchasing?

A. Citrix ADC Burst Pack

B. Citrix Gateway Express

C. Citrix Gateway Universal

D. Citrix ADC Upgrade

Correct Answer: C

Reference: https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-gateway/current-release/citrix-gateway-licensing.html

Question 13:

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator downloaded and deployed Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM) in an environment consisting of six Citrix ADCs and 100 virtual servers. When viewing the Citrix ADM console, the administrator sees only 30 virtual servers.

Why is the administrator unable to see all 100 virtual servers?

A. The nsroot passwords are NOT the same across all the Citrix ADCs.

B. Citrix ADM is using a free license.

C. Additional Citrix ADM systems need to be deployed to see all virtual servers.

D. The Citrix ADC and Citrix ADM firmware versions are NOT the same.

Correct Answer: C

Question 14:

Scenario: A Junior Citrix Administrator needs to create a content switching vServer on a Citrix ADC high availability (HA) pair. The NSIP addresses are and The junior administrator connects to NSIP address and saves the changes.

The following day, a Senior Citrix Administrator tests the new content switching vServer, but it is NOT working. The senior administrator connects to the HA pair and discovers that everything the junior administrator configured is NOT visible.

Why has the Citrix ADC lost the newly added configurations?

A. The junior administrator made the changes and did NOT force a failover to save the configuration.

B. The junior administrator connected to the NSIP of the secondary Citrix ADC in the HA pair.

C. Both Citrix ADCs in the HA pair restarted overnight.

D. The Citrix ADC appliances have different firmware versions.

Correct Answer: C

Question 15:

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator configured a load-balancing vServer. The URL for this vServer is

vpn.citrix.com. The backend server has the host name configured as server1.citrix.com.

The administrator needs to implement the policy to change the host name from vpn.citrix.com to server1.citrix.com, and vice versa.

Which does the administrator need to configure to meet this requirement?

A. set transform action “host change” –priority 10 –reqUrlFrom “https://vpn.citrix.com/*” –reqUrlInto “https://server1.citrix.com/*” –resUrlFrom “https://server1.citrix.com/*” –resUrlInto “https://vpn.citrix.com/ *”

B. set transform action “host change” –priority 10 –reqUrlFrom “https://server1.citrix.com/*” –reqUrlInto “https://vpn.citrix.com/*” –resUrlFrom “https://server1.citrix.com/*” –resUrlInto “https://vpn.citrix.com/*”

C. set transform action “host change” –priority 10 –reqUrlFrom “https://server1.citrix.com/*” –reqUrlInto “https://vpn.citrix.com/*” –resUrlFrom “https://vpn.citrix.com/*” –resUrlInto “https://server1.citrix.com/*”

D. set transform action “host change” –priority 10 –reqUrlFrom “https://vpn.citrix.com/*” –reqUrlInto “https://server1.citrix.com/*” –resUrlFrom “https://vpn.citrix.com/*” –resUrlInto “https://server1.citrix.com/ *”

Correct Answer: D