Pega Certified Decisioning Consultant Exam,PEGAPCDC80V1 Test Questions – Pega Certified Decisioning Consultant

PEGAPCDC80V1 Exam Info

  • Exam Code: PEGAPCDC80V1
  • Exam Title: Pega Certified Decisioning Consultant
  • Vendor: Pegasystems
  • Exam Questions: 64

A mobile company wants to introduce new data plans to target students. As a strategy designer, you create new data plan offers.
Which offer attribute do you need to set to make the offer available in the contact center?

  • A. Evidence
  • B. KeyCode
  • C. Channel
  • D. Active

Answer : D

Designing the Next-Best-Action strategy that drives AI-powered one-to-one Customer Engagement is a staged process. Each stage refines the proposition selection process.
Place the stages in the order of implementation.
Select and Place:

Answer :

MyCo, a telecom company, has introduced 1GB and 3GB data plans in one of their stores and on the website. MyCo decides to use adaptive models for both offers.
As a Strategy Designer, you are interested in how the models are performing in different channels.
Which three tasks could you perform? (Choose Three)

  • A. Check the performance of the 3GB data plan for the last month.
  • B. Execute a simulation in Visual Business Designer and compare, in delta mode, the performance difference between the 1GB and 3GB data plans.
  • C. Change the decision strategy because the performance in the web and store differs significantly.
  • D. Identify the models that are performing well or poorly in the store channel.
  • E. Examine the active and inactive predictors for the 1GB data plan model.

Answer : ABC

Two results of an adaptive model are ________________.

  • A. Priority and Evidence
  • B. Propensity and Rank
  • C. Priority and Propensity
  • D. Propensity and Performance

Answer : D


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