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TMPF Exam Info

  • Exam Code: TMPF
  • Exam Title: TMap Next Foundation
  • Vendor: ITIL
  • Exam Questions: 65

What is not a general step when specifying test cases?

  • A. allocating the test techniques
  • B. identifying test situations
  • C. creating the test script
  • D. establishing the starting point

Answer : A

What constitutes a good test environment?

  • A. it is possible to adequately determine to what extent the test object meets the requirements
  • B. it has been configured and tested by qualified personnel
  • C. it meets both of the requirements listed above
  • D. it is as similar to the production environment as possible and the test data is consistent

Answer : A

See the figure below:
Of which test design technique is this an example?

  • A. Data Combination Test
  • B. Data Cycle Test
  • C. Semantic Test
  • D. Syntactic Test

Answer : D

A fun park is celebrating its 25th birthday and has come up with the following discount campaign:
Everybody is given 50% discount on their admission ticket. Children younger than 4 years, adults older than 64 years, and for this special occasion adults aged 25 years will be allowed in free.
How many equivalence classes are included in this situation?

  • A. 3
  • B. 4
  • C. 5

Answer : C

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