Windows Development Fundamentals Exam,98-362 Test Questions – Windows Development Fundamentals

98-362 Exam Info

  • Exam Code: 98-362
  • Exam Title: Windows Development Fundamentals
  • Vendor: Microsoft
  • Exam Questions: 63

You are preparing to deploy a Windows Forms application.
You need to display a Web page when the installation is complete.
What should you do?

  • A. Create a Deployment project and a Custom Action.
  • B. Create a Web Setup project.
  • C. Add the Web address to the Completion Form.
  • D. Add a Browser object to the Deployment project.
  • E. Create a CAB project and a Custom Action.

Answer : A

A Windows form contains a DataGridView control that is bound to a DataSet. You need to programmatically add a new row to the DataGridView control.
What should you do?

  • A. Add a new row to the DataSet.
  • B. Add a new row to the DataGridView control by using the Rows property.
  • C. Increment the RowCount property of the DataGridView control.
  • D. Increment the Rows.Count property of the DataSet.

Answer : A

A Windows Forms application uses forms that are inherited from a base form. A new control must appear on all of the forms.
You add the new control to one of the inherited forms, and you rebuild the application. You discover that none of the other inherited form contain the new control.
You need to ensure that the new control appears on all of the forms.
What should you do?

  • A. Add the control to the Visual Studio Toolbox.
  • B. Move the control to the base form, and rebuild the application.
  • C. Rebuild all forms except the form that has the new control.
  • D. Rebuild the form that has the new control, and rebuild the application.

Answer : B

During debugging, the Immediate window in Visual Studio is used to:

  • A. Monitor thrown exceptions.
  • B. Execute expressions.
  • C. Act as the standard output for the currently running program.
  • D. Set breakpoints programmatically.

Answer : B

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